Our Mission

    The Yup’ik Women’s Coalition (YWC) strives to promote safety of women through education and advocacy. The YWC is committed to organize community efforts to end violence against women and children within Yup’ik villages through strengthening the traditional Yup’ik beliefs and teachings that have guided our people for thousands of years. The YWC is dedicated to the safety of women and believe in all the rights of all people to live without fear, threat, violence and oppression.

We are a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Alaska dedicated to ending all forms of violence against Yup’ik women, especially domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking as defined by the Violence Against Women Act of 2005.  The board and staff serve to enable alternatives to physically dangerous situations and to encourage self-reliance, and sense of personal worth and dignity. We are committed to developing culturally relevant prevention education and counseling for villages and Emmonak residents that we serve.

Healing comes from within ourselves, and it will have to come by means of the reawakening of the independence, the pride and the sense of purpose which at one time guided our people in their journey through the centuries. New skills are needed for that journey to continue and succeed, but most of all, there needs to be a return of the spiritual strength of a cultural tradition in order to make the journey meaningful again and provide FUTURE hope for those who have become lost on the trail.

Who We Are – Coalition Staff

Lenora Hootch, Executive Director

Priscilla Kameroff,  Rural Outreach Coordinator / Public Policy Education Specialist

Rachel Phillip, Financial Clerk

Yup’ik Women’s Coalition – Board of Directors

Kandace Fratis, Chairperson, Native Village of Emmonak

Paul Crane, Vice Chairperson, Native Village of Emmonak

Vacant, Secretary Treasurer

JoAnn Horn, Member, Native Village of Emmonak

Lenora Hootch, Member, Native Village of Emmonak