Join the Effort

April 22nd, 2010

To stop domestic violence, we all need to work together.

Help a friend who is being abused.

    Let her know that the abuse is not her fault, listen to her, help her to identify resources and options, empower her to make choices for here safety, and provide non-judgmental support and an opportunity for her to seek your support again.

Speak up about abuse.

    Let abusers know their behavior is wrong and encourage them to get help. If you see abuse, call the police ‚ doing nothing can make the abuse worse and even deadly.

Educate yourself and others.

    Call your local domestic violence programs or village service providers to schedule informational workshops for your workplace, community group or church. Encourage schools to include abuse prevention as part of their curricula.

Set an example.

    Make a commitment to work for equality and ending violence in all of its forms. Model non-violent and respectful behavior through your everyday actions.

City League Basketball

September 21st, 2011

In the end of July 2011 the Yup’ik Women’s Coalition and the Emmonak Women’s Shelter sponsored a double elimination basketball tournament. We had a total of 10 mens teams and 6 ladies teams from the surrounding villages. The tournament lasted a good four days.

Thoughout the tournament we kept the games running and the crowd excited. The games lasted all day from noon to midnight. We sold meals and concessions. We had a bunch of exciting games that made the audience loud with their cheers and enjoyment for their star players.

We kept the admission low for more involvement within the villages. In doing so it has brought the communities together. Because we’re a non-profit organization we didn’t have trophies to give to the winners and runner-ups. So instead we handed home-made pillows and blankets which the players were excited for. Before the passout of the gifts our director, Lenora Hootch, had the staff stand in front of the crowd and she briefly introduced how the shelter opperates. She also explained to the youth how life is so important and to talk to someone when in need and that any of our staff are here to help.

When all the games were over, we had people come over to us and thanked us for having such an event happen. In a way it has kept our people busy as well as something to look forward to. We had many volunteers young and old to help get the games going and the snacks selling.

Before the tournament, my co-workers and I signed papers for the gymnasium’s usage. We were declined a couple of times. So one of my co-workers and I set up a petition and wrote a letter to the main office of the Lower Yukon School District and Board members where our gym use was finally approved. We then wrote a bunch of donation letters to company’s for the tournament. After that we made schedule after schedule and we’ve hung posters throughout our community. We also send out a text message forward to our family and friends about the status of the tournament. We also made a lot of phone calls and received many as well. In the end the whole event was worth it. Everything turned out great and the people enjoyed the activity.